Elite Star Foundation is a child-centered non-profit organization established in 2021 in Nigeria to promote and protect the rights & welfare of every child and to mitigate the advent of child abuse in society. 

The Elite Star Foundation is working towards creating a safe and happy childhood for every Nigerian child, a childhood free from all forms of abuse and neglect.

We are working hard to realize our vision of a world where every child can grow up safe, happy, and able to achieve their set dreams.

We aim to play a significant role in giving children all over Nigeria a voice while upholding the highest standard of child protection through advocacy, awareness, education, and responsive support service.

We ensure we have a stance to defend the children whose rights are violated. We protect the most vulnerable children and make the rights of the child accessible.

Protecting children from all forms of abuse and neglect is everyone’s responsibility. It is what we believe, and it is the ultimate truth. 



We work from a child protective lens, both within and outside our organization, and continually seek to understand better the disparities that children face due to child abuse. We advocate for the nurturing and the caring of children and honoring their experiences and influential voice in support of ambitious goals and bold action.


Our passionate commitment drives us to the children we serve, and we want to protect them from violence or harm to the greater good of the community. Our success and fulfillment are measured by the impact we make. We serve from a space of humility, honesty, and trust.


We believe that creating a better future for children requires both a long-term vision and the ability to adapt and respond to our community’s pressing needs and opportunities. We engage families and the community as a core part of our work to keep close to the relevant issues and implement unique solutions. We appreciate that our community and team have a wide range of different life experiences, and we consider this a source of strength. At every stage of our work, we strive to understand the unique perspectives of our community. Ours is a culture of mutual respect and kindness, even and especially in challenging times.

Meet The Team

Elite star foundation is made up of a team of professionals
that possess the drive and passion for children.

These individuals support children in their personal, social
and educational development to help them stay safe in society and reach their
full potential.

They are committed to children and have an adequate
understanding of the factors affecting their lives, they fully understand the child
safeguarding policy of the organization, they have the ability to establish
good relationships with children, they are patient, tolerant, and most
importantly, they possess the ability to treat children’s concerns with
respect, tact and sensitivity, whilst remaining confidential and professional.



Founder Osisiogu Francis
Social Worker Kemi Ajulo
Social Worker Erhun Teghese
Head of Operations Ogunrinde Oluwafemi
Social Worker Chibundu Juliet
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