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Creating a Brighter Tomorrow for Nigeria's Children.

Our Mission

Our mission at Elite Star Foundation is to be steadfast guardians of the well-being of children in Nigeria. Through comprehensive Child Protection Initiatives and transformative Child Education Programs, we are dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty and abuse. We strive to provide a safe haven for every child, ensuring their right to protection, education, and empowerment. Our commitment is to uplift the lives of vulnerable children, fostering a community where dreams are not only imagined but realized.”

Our Vision

At Elite Star Foundation, our vision is a world where every child, regardless of circumstance, has the opportunity to thrive. We envision a society where children are protected, educated, and empowered to reach their full potential, creating a brighter and more equitable future for generations to come.

Our Values

Our Objectives

At Elite Star Foundation, our objectives are carefully crafted to guide our efforts and drive meaningful impact in the lives of children. These objectives reflect our dedication to both child protection and education, aiming to create a sustainable and positive influence in the communities we serve.

Meeting Children's Needs


Children Impacted on since 2021

What We Do

At Elite Star Foundation, our programs are purposefully designed to address the unique needs of children in Nigeria, focusing on both protection and education. These initiatives reflect our commitment to fostering a safe and empowering environment for every child.

Child Protection

At Elite Star Foundation, we are resolute in our belief that every child deserves protection, and through our initiatives, we stand as guardians of their well-being.

Child Education

Our Child Education Programs are a testament to this commitment, offering a diverse range of initiatives that pave the way for a brighter future.

Our Leadership

The key leaders of our organization comprise a passionate, dedicated team committed to improving the lives of vulnerable children. Their diverse backgrounds and expertise allow us to effectively carry out our mission through strategic planning, impactful programs, and compassionate care.

Francis Osisiogu

Director & Founder

Juliet Umunna

Board Member

Salome Ugbede

Board Member

Trusted by other nonprofits in the world.

Elite Star Foundation is honored to be recognized and trusted by renowned nonprofits worldwide. Our commitment to child protection and education has earned us the respect and collaboration of esteemed organizations on a global scale. By choosing to support Elite Star Foundation, you join a network of philanthropic leaders who believe in the power of collective impact. Together, we make a local and global difference, ensuring that every child’s right to protection and education is upheld with integrity, passion, and unwavering dedication.